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Therapy is NOT About Becoming a Better Person

Sometimes people start therapy with the notion that it will help them to become a better person, someone who will be more lovable and deserving. The risk in this attitude is that it can be just another set-up for a person to feel that they have failed. Therapy is NOT about becoming who you think…

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Listening More and Less to Thoughts and Feelings

Here is a head-scratcher for you… Increasing mental well-being often involves learning to listen to your thoughts and feelings MORE and LESS. What? How does that work? By listening more, I mean paying more attention, or practicing a mindful awareness. Imagine that you are the parent and your thoughts and feelings are your children. You do not want to neglect them….

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Listening to Guilt and Shame

I am of the belief that all feelings carry within them a message for us, and that in their own, limited way they are trying to bring balance to our system. So, what do guilt and shame have to offer? First, we have to decide which one we are dealing with. I have found that…

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